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Sekelboer Pit Viper

Sekelboer Pit Viper Citrus Glide

Sekelboer Pit Viper Citrus Glide

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Imagine the first light of dawn grazing the horizon, casting a soft glow over a world coming to life. The 'Citrus Glide' sunglasses capture this serene yet vibrant moment, where the cool blue of night meets the warm yellow of day. This pair speaks to the soul that finds peace in the morning's quiet and energy in the day's brightness. They're crafted for those who glide through life's transitions with ease and grace, making every moment count.


  • Frame Style: Bold, one-piece with a striking color transition.
  • Gender Suitability: Designed to complement both men and women.
  • Frame Material: High-quality TR90, known for its strength and lightness.
  • Lens Function: UV400 and polarized to reduce glare and protect the eyes.
  • Lens Material: Superior TAC, with a 1.2mm thickness that balances durability and comfort.
  • Dimensions:
    • Lens width: 64mm (2.5in)
    • Frame height: 59mm (2.3in)
    • Bridge width: 20mm (0.8in)
    • Overall width: 148mm (5.8in)
    • Temple Length: 113mm (4.4in)

Unique Features:

  • The gradient lens transitions from a tranquil blue to an energetic yellow, embodying the essence of a refreshing citrus blend.
  • The sleek white frame with blue accents injects a contemporary edge into the classic sports aesthetic.
  • The design is lightweight for all-day comfort yet sturdy enough for the most active lifestyles.
  • Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, morning joggers, or those who simply appreciate a pop of color.
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