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Sekelboer Pit Viper

Sekelboer Pit Viper Ski Neon Slope Surfer

Sekelboer Pit Viper Ski Neon Slope Surfer

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Hit the hills with the zesty zeal of the Neon Slope Surfer Polarized Goggles, inspired by the electric energy of a sunlit ski slope. These goggles are a nod to the spirited skiers and snowboarders who paint the white canvas of the mountains with strokes of vivid color and life.


  • Polarized HD Lenses: A gradient yellow lens captures the brightness of a ski day, providing clear, glare-free vision and UV protection.
  • Frame Design: The frame boasts a bold, punchy fuchsia accented with neon yellow splatters that scream fun and flair on the slopes.
  • Frame Material: Crafted from a lightweight yet sturdy PC, these goggles are built to endure the liveliness of the ski resort.
  • Lens Material: Quality polarized lenses are perfect for keeping your eyes safe from the snow’s reflection while enhancing visual clarity.
  • Comfort: With a secure fit and soft nose padding, you can carve, jump, and surf the slopes without giving your goggles a second thought.
  • Weight: Designed for an unburdened experience, these goggles are as light as the crisp mountain air.
  • Accessories: Complete with a protective case and a cleaning cloth to maintain unblemished lenses, plus a strap for extra security during those adventurous descents.
  • Aesthetic: The goggles’ vibrant colors are sure to stand out against the snow, making a bold statement of both style and performance.
  • Dimensions: Lens width: 64mm, Bridge width: 20mm, Frame width: 148mm, Frame height: 62mm, Temple length: 134mm.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic nose support and soft mirror legs to keep you focused on the descent, not on adjusting your gear.
  • Weight: At a mere 37 grams, these goggles provide robust protection without the bulk.
  • Aesthetic: The cool blue and speckled pattern are reminiscent of a snowy day, perfect for standing out on the white backdrop of the slopes.
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