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Sekelboer Pit Viper

Sekelboer Pit Viper Spectrum Stampede

Sekelboer Pit Viper Spectrum Stampede

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Drawing from the electrifying energy of a neon-lit rodeo and the iridescent hues of a desert mirage, the Spectrum Stampede Polarized Shades are for the daring and the bold. A wearable celebration of color that doesn't just stand out but rides ahead of the pack.


  • Lens: Experience the world in high definition with lenses that boast a mesmerizing gradient of vibrant pink to rich green, ensuring every view is as dramatic as a sunset showdown.
  • Design: The one-piece lens reflects a free spirit, unbounded by frames, reminiscent of the open plains.
  • Comfort: The soft-touch nose bridge ensures comfort from dawn till dusk, whether you’re saddling up or just kicking back.
  • Style: These shades are the sartorial equivalent of a wild mustang — untamed, colorful, and always in motion.
  • Frame: Engineered with lightweight materials, designed to take you from the high heat of the midday sun to the cool of the twilight.
  • Dimensions:
    • Lens width: 64mm (2.5in)
    • Bridge width: 20mm (0.8in)
    • Frame height: 59mm (2.3in)
    • Overall width: 148mm (5.8in)
    • Temple length: Adjustable up to 126mm (5.0in)
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