"Round Sunglasses": The Quintessential Timepiece to Frame Every Face Type

"Round Sunglasses": The Quintessential Timepiece to Frame Every Face Type

Picture this: the glint of the sun's golden rays filtered through a pair of round sunglasses as you saunter down the beach. Now, that's a stylish summer vision for you. Isn't it?

But why stop at summer? Round sunglasses, the universally flattering accessory, have been a fashion staple for decades. Whether you're a Hollywood starlet or a sports enthusiast, this eyewear trend has got you covered – literally and fashionably.

The History of Round Sunglasses

What was initially created to protect eyes from harmful sunlight has now become a symbol of style, elegance, and charisma. The journey of round sunglasses from function to fashion is an enthralling tale. First appearing on the scene in the 1920s, these frames graced the noses of some of history's most iconic figures. John Lennon's signature round glasses and Audrey Hepburn's chic shades in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' have left an indelible imprint on fashion history.

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Round Sunglasses: The Universal Fit

"But will round sunglasses suit me?" you ask. That's the beauty of them - round sunglasses are a universal fit. They effortlessly complement any face type, from square, oval, diamond to heart-shaped faces. Their symmetrical design balances your facial features, providing a harmonious aesthetic. No matter your face shape, round sunglasses will accentuate your unique features, offering an unparalleled balance between sophistication and cool.

Round Sunglasses and Sports – A Winning Combination

Ever wondered why your favorite sports personalities are often spotted in round sunglasses? Round sunglasses aren't just a fashionable addition to their ensemble; they serve a practical purpose too. With features like UV protection, polarized lenses, and secure fit, they are perfect for outdoor activities. Sports like cycling, golfing, and beach volleyball are often played under the harsh glare of the sun, making round sunglasses an absolute necessity.

A Sporty Tale

Just ask Jordan Fletcher, a professional golfer who recently won the prestigious Green Jacket at the Masters. He never steps onto the course without his trusty pair of round sunglasses. "They're not just a part of my outfit," Fletcher shared with us. "They're a part of my game strategy. I don't have to squint against the sun or worry about my eyes. I can focus entirely on my swing."

FAQs about Round Sunglasses

Q: Are round sunglasses effective for sun protection? A: Absolutely! Round sunglasses are designed to cover your eyes entirely, protecting them from harmful UV rays.

Q: Can I wear round sunglasses for formal occasions? A: Definitely! With a wide array of designs, from minimalist metal frames to embellished versions, round sunglasses can enhance your formal look.

Finding Your Perfect Pair

So, how do you choose the perfect round sunglasses for your face type? The secret lies in balancing your facial features. If you have angular features, round sunglasses can help soften them. Conversely, if your face is round, a pair with slightly angular lenses can provide balance.

We'd love to hear from you! What's your favourite style of round sunglasses, and how do you pair them with your outfit?

The Perfect Fit with Sekelboer

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