Feeding more than 300 people with R1500! Every Saterday!!!


Burgershoop charity food scheme

Founded in 2009 by Piet Bekker, Burgerhoop is a beacon of hope in Burgershoop, dedicated to combating hunger in the community. Driven by a vision of a community where no one goes hungry, Piet began his mission by personally funding the preparation and distribution of 300 meals every Saturday to the less fortunate.What started as a solo initiative has blossomed into a community cornerstone that brings sustenance and support to those in need every weekend. Burgerhoop's efforts rely on the generosity of individuals and partners who share our belief that every meal can be a step towards a brighter future.Join us as we continue to nourish bodies, empower individuals, and build a stronger community together. Every contribution brings us closer to a world where hunger is just a memory.

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How can I help?

Make a tangible difference with our virtual donation products. Each purchase symbolizes the number of meals provided to individuals in need. Your contribution directly supports Burgershoop's food distribution efforts, helping them to combat hunger in our community. Choose from three impactful options:

  • One Meal, One Hope (R5): Provides one nutritious meal to one person
  • Twise the Impact, Twise the Hope(R10): Help us supply a two meals to two people
  • Feed Five, One Gesture (R25): Make a broader impact by feeding 5 people for a day.

By purchasing these virtual products, you're not just donating; you're actively participating in a movement to end food insecurity.

Would you want to give a helping hand in distribution of food partials?

Every Saturday from 15:00 there are food partials handed out for approximately 300 people in the Krugersdorp surroundings as well as sandwiches to school children at Edenaeser, and they would appreciate your time and help.

Please get in contact with Piet Becker on Cell No: 065 280 0168

What happends to my donation?

The contributions made to the food scheme will be paid into the bank account of NG Kerk Quellerina with account details: Bank: ABSA (Clearwater Mall); Branch code: 632005; Account number: 01003961211(cheque) with reference: Burgershoop at the 1ste of every month.

Sekelboer does not take any funds contributed on our site for the scheme so rest asure that your every penny will be given to the Burgershoop food scheme.

How would I know my funds are being allocated to Burgershoop?

In the first week of every month, a screenshot of the previous months contributions to the Burgershoop food scheme will be uploaded onto the Burgershoop page and forwarded to the founder of Burgershoop, Piet Becker, showing all who contributed together with donations made. Piet (Cell No: 065 280 0168) can be contacted at anytime to verify all contributions made on site. Your name and order number is all that would be required to verify your contribution.

Our Vision as SekelBoer for Burgershoop

Our Vision as SekelBoer for Burgershoop is to bring out a sunglasses range specifically for Burgershoop, where a big percentage of proceeds go towards the Burgershoop food scheme. It's also our vision to draw in community members showcasing their handmade products on the Burgershoop page, building a beter and self sustaining community.

More About Burgershoop...

Should you want to want to lnow more, get involved or donate additional contributions like food, bedding and cloths, please contact Piet Becher (Cell No: 065 280 0168) or Riana Cell No: 083 623 7096)

EFT Payments could also be made to the food scheme directly at: The bank account of NG Kerk Quellerina with account details. Bank: ABSA (Clearwater Mall); Branch code: 632005; Account number: 01003961211(cheque)

Please note that such contributions can not be tracked by SekelBoer.