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DeltaPlus Sunset Sprinter Safety Glasses

DeltaPlus Sunset Sprinter Safety Glasses

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Embodying the last, powerful rays of the day, the Delta Plus Sunset Sprinter is your companion for the end-of-day push. Whether finishing a marathon or completing a demanding project, these glasses offer the endurance and protection you need to cross the finish line.


  • Model: Delta Plus 101110
  • Lens: High-quality polycarbonate with an orange gradient, representing the energy of the setting sun
  • Frame: Black with red accents, symbolizing the fusion of power and passion
  • UV Protection: Full UV400 coverage to shield against the harshest rays
  • Durability: Scratch-resistant, anti-impact, ensuring lasting quality
  • Comfort: Ergonomic design with soft PVC nose bridge and flexible mirror legs
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