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Kdream Azure Edge Precision Sunglasses

Kdream Azure Edge Precision Sunglasses

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Description: Embrace the sharpness of the Azure Edge Precision Sunglasses, designed for the meticulous and the precise. These sunglasses feature a striking blue lens that cuts through glare with ease, set against a frame that showcases metallic finesse and an aerodynamic design.


  • Frame Color: Silver with transparent detailing
  • Lens Color: Polarized vivid blue
  • Frame Material: Lightweight TR90 with metallic accents
  • Lens Material: TAC Polarized, 1.2mm thickness
  • UV Protection: UV400
  • Weight: 30.5g

The Azure Edge Precision Sunglasses are engineered for those who demand both style and performance in their eyewear, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and trendsetters alike.

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