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Sekelboer Pit Viper

Sekelboer Pit Viper Medium Cosmic Clarity

Sekelboer Pit Viper Medium Cosmic Clarity

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In the stillness of the night, when the cosmos unveil their mysteries, the 'Cosmic Clarity' sunglasses were conceived. They capture the essence of the celestial, with lenses that reflect the deep purples and blues of the night sky, and arms speckled with the colors of distant galaxies. These glasses are for the stargazers, the dreamers, the thinkers who look beyond the horizon to the stars for inspiration. With every wear, they invite a connection to the vastness above, reminding us that clarity often comes from looking beyond what is seen.


  • Frame Style: Futuristic one-piece design with an interstellar motif.
  • Gender Suitability: Unisex, perfect for anyone who dreams of the stars.
  • Frame Material: Sturdy PC for resilience in any adventure.
  • Lens Material: PC with a seamless finish, offering a wide, unobstructed field of view.
  • Dimensions:
    • Lens width: 63mm
    • Frame height: 59mm
    • Bridge width: 19mm
    • Overall width: 134mm
    • Temple Length: 113mm

Unique Features:

  • The gradient lens mirrors the infinite beauty of the night sky, transitioning from twilight hues to the deep blue of space.
  • The arms feature a galaxy-like speckled pattern, each one unique, representing the limitless possibilities of the universe.
  • The design is as practical as it is poetic, with a lightweight feel that makes them ideal for nightly walks or daytime explorations.
  • Ideal for those who find beauty in the cosmos and seek to bring a piece of the universe into their daily lives.
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