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Sekelboer Pit Viper

Sekelboer Pit Viper Savanna Sunburst

Sekelboer Pit Viper Savanna Sunburst

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Savanna Sunburst sunglasses are inspired by the vibrant life and colors of the African plains at sunrise. The gradient lenses capture the warm amber of the morning sun as it floods the landscape, bathing everything in a golden glow. The leopard print on the arms embodies the spirit of the wild, the untamed, and the free. This pair is for the adventurers, the wild at heart, and those who carry the essence of the savanna's raw beauty with them.


  • Frame Style: One-piece shield design, embracing a bold and adventurous look.
  • Frame Material: TR90, selected for its balance of toughness and lightweight wear.
  • Lens Width: 64mm (2.52in), for broad and protective visual coverage.
  • Frame Height: 59mm (2.3in), for ample sun shielding.
  • Bridge Width: 20mm (0.8in), crafted for a universal fit across various nose shapes.
  • Overall Width: 148mm (5.8in), designed to comfortably fit a variety of face shapes.
  • Temple Length: 133mm (4.4in), ensuring a secure fit for active lifestyles.
  • Lens Function: UV400 & Polarized, offering full protection from UV rays and reducing glare for clearer vision.
  • Lens Material: TAC with a thickness of 1.2mm, combining impact resistance with visual clarity.
  • Gender: Unisex, perfect for those who draw energy and inspiration from nature's untamed beauty.
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