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Sekelboer Pit Viper

Sekelboer Pit Viper Ski Glacier Gaze

Sekelboer Pit Viper Ski Glacier Gaze

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For the adventurers who scale the slopes to gaze upon the sprawling vistas, the Glacier Gaze Goggles offer a window into the sublime. Channeling the crisp blues of alpine ice and the golden hues of the sunlit sky, these goggles are crafted for those who find freedom in the frost and camaraderie in the cold.


  • Frame Design: A cool, deep blue inspired by the heart of an ancient glacier, complemented by a sleek silhouette that cuts through the wind as sharply as a ski edge.
  • Frame Material: Constructed with durable PC, these goggles are designed to endure the elements and the intensity of mountain sports.
  • Lens Material: The lenses offer protection from UV rays and reduce glare, perfect for days when the sun reflects off the snowy expanse.
  • Comfort: Engineered with an ergonomic fit and flexible temple design, ensuring a secure grip that stays put through every mogul and jump.
  • Weight: Featherlight yet sturdy, these goggles won't add any unnecessary weight, allowing you to maintain your agility and speed.
  • Comes complete with a hardshell case, a soft cleaning cloth, and a detachable strap, ensuring your goggles are protected and ready for your next run.
  • Aesthetic: A statement piece that embodies the spirit of the mountains, blending functionality with a striking visual appeal.
  • Dimensions: Lens width: 64mm, Bridge width: 20mm, Frame width: 148mm, Frame height: 62mm, Temple length: 134mm.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic nose support and soft mirror legs to keep you focused on the descent, not on adjusting your gear.
  • Weight: At a mere 37 grams, these goggles provide robust protection without the bulk.
  • Aesthetic: The cool blue and speckled pattern are reminiscent of a snowy day, perfect for standing out on the white backdrop of the slopes.
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