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Sekelboer Pit Viper

Sekelboer Pit Viper Wide Stellar Drift

Sekelboer Pit Viper Wide Stellar Drift

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The "Stellar Drift" sunglasses are a salute to the night sky’s fleeting wonders and the dreams that dance among the stars. With lenses that gradient from the deep blues of the galaxy to the verdant hues of the northern lights, these glasses are made for dreamers and night-sky watchers. The temple design, speckled with stars, is like a snapshot of the Milky Way, reminding us of the vastness above and within.


  • Galactic Gradient Lens: Move from the mysterious depths of space to the ethereal glow of the aurora with a glance.
  • Protective TAC Lens: Engineered for clarity and protection against cosmic rays – or just UV ones.
  • Celestial Frame Design: Adorned with a starry pattern that invites you to carry a piece of the night wherever you go.
  • TR90 Material: As enduring as the constellations, this material offers lasting comfort.
  • Personalized Adjustment: Mold the fit to your journey with customizable temples and nose pads.
  • Starry Grip: The arms are designed to stay in place, no matter where your explorations take you.
  • Space-Grade Durability: Resistant to impact and wear, just like the timeless cosmos.
  • Universal Design: Made to flatter every face shape, like the night sky that unites us all.


  • Lens Width: 140mm
  • Lens Height: 50mm
  • Temple Length: Adjustable from 120mm to 150mm
  • Frame Width: 145mm
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