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Sekelboer Polarized Bamboo Karoo Sundowner

Sekelboer Polarized Bamboo Karoo Sundowner

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The Karoo Sundowner sunglasses are a tribute to the expansive South African Karoo desert, where the sun dips below the horizon and bathes the land in a warm, amber glow. This daily spectacle is mirrored in the brown tint of the lenses, reminiscent of the earthy tones found throughout the semi-arid landscapes. Just as the Karoo is an oasis of life in the seeming starkness, these sunglasses offer a respite for your eyes against the glare of the day.


  • Lens Color: Warm Amber Brown, reminiscent of the Karoo's sunset
  • Frame Material: Handcrafted Bamboo, reflecting South Africa's commitment to natural beauty and sustainability
  • Lens Material: High-quality Polarized lenses for optimal clarity and reduction of sun glare
  • Lens Width: 52mm
  • Lens Height: 43mm
  • Bridge Width: 21mm
  • Temple Length: 143mm
  • Frame Width: 145mm
  • UV Protection: Full UVA/UVB protection to safeguard your eyes in any setting
  • Hinges: Precisely engineered for comfort and durability
  • Accessories: Accompanied by a Sekelboer-branded soft pouch for safe storage
  • Unique Feature: The right temple features 'Designed by Sekelboer' laser-engraved, celebrating the unique South African design

Design Inspiration: Karoo Sundowner is for the wanderer at heart, the one who finds solace in the vastness of the desert and the solitude of its sunsets. The earth-toned lenses provide a lens through which the beauty of the world can be seen in its truest colors, while the bamboo arms represent the unyielding spirit of the Karoo. Together, they provide a perfect blend of form, function, and storytelling, enveloping the wearer in the heart of South African natural grandeur.

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