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Sekelboer Polarized Bamboo Misty Rose Serenity

Sekelboer Polarized Bamboo Misty Rose Serenity

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  • The Misty Rose Serenity sunglasses are inspired by the soft hues of the rose gardens at Cape Town's Company's Garden at the break of dawn. The clear frame symbolizes the pure, crisp morning air, while the soft pink lenses recall the tender blush of rose petals kissed by the morning dew.


  • Lens Color: Soft Pink, evoking the gentle caress of dawn's first light on a blooming rose
  • Frame Material: Eco-friendly Bamboo, reflecting the serene and untouched quality of nature
  • Lens Material: Premium Polarized lenses for a soothing view and reduction of glare
  • Lens Width: 52mm
  • Lens Height: 43mm
  • Bridge Width: 21mm
  • Temple Length: 143mm
  • Frame Width: 145mm
  • UV Protection: Full UVA/UVB protection, as delicate on the eyes as a petal
  • Hinges: Designed for stability and comfort, echoing the enduring beauty of the rose
  • Accessories: Accompanied by a Sekelboer-branded soft pouch for elegant storage
  • Unique Feature: 'Designed by Sekelboer' artfully engraved on the right temple
  • Design Inspiration: Misty Rose Serenity is a tribute to quiet mornings and the soft beauty that emerges as the world awakens. These sunglasses bring an element of calm and poise to the start of each day, perfect for those who find beauty in life's gentle moments. They're not just a pair of sunglasses; they're a reminder to pause, reflect, and embrace the serene side of life.

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